Wren Perseverance Handlebars

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Wren Perseverance Handlebar

*** This is a presale item. The first batch of Perseverance Bars ship April 2022.



Your cockpit is your home when you're out on big rides. This is a cockpit designed to live in, day-in, and day-out. While there are a lot of funky bars out there, we've found them all to be lacking in one way or another: too much backsweep with loops that are too small and limited in functionality.


Fabricating bars with this many bends and angles isn't easy but it's worth the effort.
Our Perseverance Bars take the best features of bars we love to ride: wide with just the right amount of rise and sweep. Then adds a functional aero loop that is ergonomic with plenty of space for accessories and gets your hands above any mounted bar bags (no more jamming your fingers between your bars and your bags). Our loop out front is also wide enough to provide some real control and leverage while on rough terrain right from the tucked position.

From the second you take a spin on Perseverance you'll immediately understand why these bars are a step above the rest.




There's a myth out there that aero and time trial handlebar extensions are just for racers or folks looking to set fastest known times.

This is simply not true.

Here are a few reasons why cockpit extensions are spectacular for anyone of any skill level looking to go #bikepacking:

1.) Reduce back fatigue. This is especially true for Mountain Bikes where your spine gets compressed over long rides as you sit in a more upright posture. Aero bars allow riders to stretch their backs out on mellower terrain and put less weight on their spine and more on their glutes and quads.

2.) Reduce wrist, elbow, and shoulder fatigue. More positions to reduce pressure points on those long rides.

3.) Increased bar bag stability. Floppy, bouncy handlebar bags suck. Having another axis of support stops bag flop and improves handling.

4.) More accessory mounting real-estate. This is especially important for getting a bike light above handlebar bags and out front of the bike.

Our Perseverance #Adventure Handlebar takes the best attributes of traditional aero bar add-ons and integrates them in a tidy and robust package with angles meant for aggressive MTBing.


Material: 6061 Alloy

Weight: 754 grams

Width: 780mm

Rise: 25 mm

Backsweep: 16°

Upsweep: 5°

Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm

Loop: 300mm base / 250mm long with tapered nose / 70mm rise

Wrap: 3500mm extra-long premium bar loop wrap (sold separately unless otherwise promoted)

Finish: Anodized Gold/Bronze with Black Decals