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235g / pair: light and ergonomic road bike pedal in different axis lengths

The new 512 road bike click pedal ensures a gentle, ergonomic and at the same time dynamic riding position on the bike due to the different axis lengths. In contrast to conventional click pedals, which force the feet into a nearly parallel, unnatural foot position, the 512 road bike pedal allows a physiological and natural foot position. This not only prevents one-sided loading, especially of the fibula head, but also improves the transmission of power. The SQlab pedal technology provides a round pedaling motion
in a natural, anatomical position.
  • light roadbike pedal from 235g/pair
  • ergonomic foot position for a better power transmission
  • 4 different axis lengths
  • adjustable entry and exit hardness

Which axis length is required in which case?

Shorter axis:
These pedals are seldom used, but still have their justification. The short axis is suitable for cyclists with small shoe sizes who can ride in a parallel foot position. The so-called Q-factor is therefore lower. Especially in combination with a narrow sitbone distance and narrow hip width it makes sense to stand with the feet as close together as possible. The short axis length is also suitable for children.
Middle axis:
The standard size, for all those who honestly also get along well with the pedals of the market leaders in this field.
Longer axis:
This is important for people whose foot position is V-shaped when viewed from above. If the feet are placed parallel on the pedals, this no longer corresponds to the natural position and this can lead to complaints in the knees. So if there are complaints especially on the outside of the knees at the fibula head, the feet should be placed on the pedals in their natural position.
With the SQlab click pedals, the cleat can usually be adjusted without problems. However, since it is then usually too narrow for the heel, which drags on the crank or frame, the longer axis of the SQlab pedals simply provides more space for this foot position. Even from shoe size 45 on it often gets tight and you can see polished cranks.