Innerbarends 410 2.0

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Comfortable. Aerodynamic. Inside.

The new Innerbarends® 410 2.0 adopt the "bulbous" design of the previous Innerbarends® 411. The shape has been further improved for comfortable gripping and offers maximum comfort on longer rides. 


Innerbarends® make it possible to change the grip position while riding and thus ensure relaxation of the neck muscles and hands without the wrists bending awkwardly. The change in grip position has a positive effect on performance in the end.


Innerbarends in the test of Bike Magazine 02/2020

"Anyone who has ridden the Innerbarends® won't give it back: more speed, more comfort and relief all the way up to the shoulder and neck." 


Perfect muscle relief

The perfect solution for relieving the strain on the muscle groups in the arms, shoulders and back by changing the position of the arms on the bike, especially on long distances. 

Natural hand position

The SQlab Innerbarends® ensure a natural hand position. Despite the changed grip position, the brake levers are permanently within reach.


Propulsion & Lightness

The aerodynamic, relaxed elbow position provides maximum speed. The pair of Innerbarends® weighs only 95g.


Due to the intelligent design of the clamp, the Innerbarends® 2.0 can be combined with all grips on the market (clamped to the handlebar) and perfectly integrated with the SQlab 711 and 7OX grips. 


Comfort & Safety 

The design offers a large contact surface and is therefore a real palm flatterer. In addition, the Innerbarends® fulfill an important safety aspect, especially in road traffic. Because unlike the classic barends, the brake levers can be gripped permanently, despite the changed grip position.


Unbeatable duo 

For maximum comfort on long rides, use the 7OX or 711 grips in combination with the 411 Innerbarends® 2.0.