Handlebar Tape 712

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Grip and comfort

A special rubber compound and the incorporated, non-slip diamond structure, similar to the SQlab mountain bike handlebar grip 7OX, keeps the new racing bike handlebar tape perfectly grippy in all weather conditions and provides perfect damping.


nub structure

The nub structure in the middle of the handlebar tape increases damping and the associated comfort. 


Simply wrapped - The SQlab handlebar tape size system

The three rows of knobs serve as a reference point for the handle size or winding thickness. The winding thickness of SQlab handles can be determined using the handle width template.

Size S: The handlebar tape is wrapped so that all three rows of nubs are visible.

Size M: The handlebar tape is wound so that two rows of nubs are visible.

Size L: The handlebar tape is wrapped so that only one row of pimples is visible. 

This winding technique is mainly recommended for the lower handlebars. There you mostly grip in the downhills and therefore have the highest pressure on your hands.

Optimum power transmission

The handlebar tape ensures that the power of the hands is optimally transmitted without causing cramps.