Commencal Ramones 24" Kids Bike

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Commencal Ramones 24

This bike has a rigid frame and fork. Beyond the intention of keeping the price of the bike down, the absence of suspension allows for better handling, less weight and easier maintenance. In addition, the stiffness is compensated by 2.6 tyres which can be slightly under-inflated to provide even more comfort and grip. In 2022, this platform has been fully reworked and features new extruded tubes, a rigid fork made from Aluminium, new wheels and a new cockpit, all designed for their body shape.

Our bikes that feature 24-inch wheels are suitable for children measuring between 125cm and 150cm.

This is it; the serious stuff starts! At this age, the kids are confident on their bikes. They want to start going fast, jumping, choosing the steeper lines, even doing their first races. The choice of vehicle is therefore crucial!

There are four options in the 24-inch category. With three of them, the main difference is suspension or no suspension. All three bikes feature a derailleur, disc brakes and real knobbly tyres like the adults. The fourth option is electrically assisted - a real revolution in this area of the children’s MTB market.

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