Benno Ebikes - True Sport Utility Bicycles

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Benno Ebikes - True Sport Utility Bicycles

Benno's range of electric bikes are truly unique in their design. Blending elements from large, heavy cargo bikes as well as positioning and styling cues from traditional bicycle design, Benno's electric assist bicycles flatten hills, shortens distances, blunts headwinds and lightens cargo weight, leaving only the joy of two wheels.

We believe most bike companies have yet to truly understand the power of electric assist technology to impact our everyday transportation choices. They continue to ignore the real desires of riders. Regular ebikes offer very little utility and full-size cargo ebikes are often too big and awkward to ride daily. This has forced riders to choose between fun and practicality. So Benno created a completely new ebike category - one that combines an awesome ride with the capability to carry significant loads.

Where agility meets true utility. Benno calls it #Etility.


There are 3 bikes in Benno's ebike range, all 4-season capable machines, and offering styling and positioning options for everyone. There are also some very thoughtful design elements that may not seem like much at first but over the lifetime of the bike add up to big durability gains:

Chain Guards on the Scout and eJoy

Both bikes feature a rather normal looking chain guard whose primary function is to keep your pants from getting torn and/or dirty from the chain. But upon closer inspection the design also works really well at preventing road grime splashing up from the front tire and hitting the chain - keeping it cleaner - due to the complete wrap around the front and tight tolerance to the motor housing. This will lead to the chain lasting longer and requiring less maintenance. Smart. 

Channeled Fenders on all Models

Fenders take a beating from not only all the grit and grime thrown up by the tires but also from the bargy jerk at the bike rack, the fellow cyclist who's bike falls on yours when you're not looking, and sometimes from a gust of wind while your trusty steed is minding it's own business propped up by its kickstand. Accidents happen and fenders are often one of the parts of your bike that hit the ground hard. Making them tough makes sense.

Also, it is very rare for bike companies to make the fenders they spec on their bikes available aftermarket so if you end up needing a replacement, often you're out of luck. Benno's thoughtful solution to this is to make them very strong at the get go - eliminating the possibility that they'll ever need replacement. The channeling runs the full length of the fender on Smart.

Lastly, the channeling offers a safe place for the lighting wires to live and keeps the wires from ever becoming cut or damaged by detritus from the tires. Really smart.